32 Rack Resources to Get You Started



What the heck is Rack and why is it getting so much press lately? Well, from it’s tag-line: “Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks.”

But what does that mean? Prior to Rack if you wanted to interface with Mongrel or Thin you had to write your own custom wrapper for talking to that web server. Rack standardized the interface for doing that and even added some icing on the cake.


  • Rack Homepage – This is the official Rack home page. There’s a mirror on GitHub as well.
  • Rack on GitHub – This is the official Rack source repository.
  • Rack-Contrib – This is the repository for rack middleware and different rack utilities. It’s a great starting point for examples.
  • Rack-development – The official Rack Google Group. It’s a great place to ask questions or get help with Rack related troubles.
  • Rack::Test and its RDoc. Much like Rack is a standard interface for talking to web servers, Rack::Test is a standard interface for testing Rack apps.

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