Textmate Next and Previous Tab Keys

If you’ve just upgraded to Revision 1616 of Textmate, you may be wondering why your next and previous file tab keys stopped working. The author of Textmate recently changed the next and previous file tab key shortcuts to the universal mac application equivalents. Here it is in the release notes:

[CHANGED] Change next/previous file tab key equivalents to shift command [ and ]. This has become the de facto standard.

I tried to deal with this for a few days but that keyboard shortcut is just too ingrained in my brain. You can fix this, though, by going in to your Keyboard preference pane, then the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. Under "Application Shortcuts" click the plus button, find TextMate, and add the following:

TextMate Keyboard Shortcuts

Voila. Fixed! Now you can get back to coding at the speed of thought.